• Kendra Hughes-Wintels

The Start of Something New...

Kinetic Elements was a collective that Kendra Hughes had started ten years ago. In the past ten years, we have put on two full productions in the Toronto Fringe Festival, been a part of many shows in the GTA and beyond, been a part of the Guelph Contemporary Festival and more. We have taught classes from adults to young students. Things have been quiet for the last few years because our Director Kendra Hughes, moved away from the GTA and started a family in the heart of Niagara.

Over the years, Kinetic Elements has gone through a large metamorphosis. Today we are happy to announce that Kinetic Elements have become Kinetic Elements Dance Inc. and has found a new home in Grimsby, Ontario


Our Director Kendra is so excited to have a dance home to foster the love of dance in a positive and supportive environment. She and the rest of the team are so excited to begin our next chapter and our new journey. Come visit us at the Grand Opening!

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