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Teacher Tuesday - Meet our guest choreographer Colleen Putzig

Miss Kendra met Colleen way back when she taught her as a student in modern and lyrical dance. They went on to choreograph two solos together. Currently, Colleen goes to school in Ottawa. While she is there she is also teaching dance and choreographing award winning routines. Colleen is known for her story telling and unique movement. We are so happy to welcome Colleen to the Kinetic Elements Dance Family!

Did you know that Colleen is attending University for Human Rights and Women and gender studies?

1. Tell us about one of your favourite dance moments in your past.

The dance studio I grew up at was right next to a large green bridge. Every time my grandpa would pick me up from dance, we would spend at least an hour running up and down the bridge together playing games, tiring ourselves out. This is but one example of the role dance has always played in my life; a way of building my deepest relationships and giving me amazing memories.

2. What’s your favourite holiday?

It’s a close call between Halloween and Christmas but the amazing memories I make with family at Christmas push it to the top!

3. What do you like to do for fun other than dance?

I’ve always really enjoyed fashion and music editing.

4. What is your favourite song right now?

Goodbye by Billie Eilish.

5. What is your favourite restaurant?

Red Lobster.

6. Coffee or tea?

Neither. Starbucks Refreshers are my go-to.

Don't forget! - Dance starts on Monday September 9th and we can't wait to dance with you!

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