• Kendra Hughes-Wintels

Meet Tina Leeming

Welcome Miss Tee!

We are happy to announce that Miss Tee is joining Kinetic Elements for our 2020/2021 Season! Miss Tee is an experienced instructor with many accolades in the industry.

Did you know Miss Tee lived in the Costa Rica jungle on more than 1 occasion?  Spider, Scorpions, Monkeys...OH MY!

1. If you could change careers for just one week, what would you do?

Marine Biologist

2. What is your favourite Musical?


3. What is your all time favourite movie?

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince or Jurassic Park: The Lost World

4. Who is your favourite dancer or choreographer?

ahh there is so many! Mia Michaels and Martha Graham

5. What are you most excited for Season Two?

Meeting all my students!

Summer programs are now open. Sign up today!

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